The Team & Leadership Center builds the excitement by offering a variety of team adventures to take your group to the next level. Our partners provide us with the opportunity to offer a growing number of adventure and wilderness experiences. Each experience includes TLC's careful attention to detail, expert facilitation, and excellent support staff. We also offer consultation for travel logistics and planning. Our consultants provide concept realization, design formats, and logistical training. We have a skilled staff with thousands of hours of wilderness experience, as well as facilitation in international business, retreat, and adventure environments.  

Imagine your team sailing a 72-foot historic wooden replica Biloxi schooner into the Gulf of Mexico. Imagine that team launching skiffs off the side of the schooner to compete in a miniature regatta. After an exhilarating day of sailing, learning, and teamwork, your group will cool off with snorkeling and refreshment on the deck of the Daniel Webster Clements. Don't know anything about sailing? No problem! We offer two workshops that will help your team "Become A Crew"!

On gorgeous contemporary twenty-two or fifty-six foot vessels, your team can engage the fantasy of treasure hunting or search and rescue. Teamwork is required to attain success. Your team will be taught to sail before sent on its mission. Or make your adventures very real by gaining authentic crew certifications on multiple-day, live aboard workshops.

Paddling a canoe takes communication, planning, and the ability to work seamlessly as a team. Practice these skills as your team explores the stunning waterways of Florida rivers from the Blackwater State Forest to Escambia Bay on our multiple day canoe excursions. Our expert staff will not only facilitate your experience but teach Leave No Trace ethics and canoeing mechanics.

Fear is really only present in teams when there is a lack of trust. This workshop focuses on building trust within teams. Through this day, your work team will be responsible for the safety of each of its members. Through this ongoing and vital support your team will grow by leaps and bounds. Our most extreme ropes course experience is a workshop in its own right. This workshop is only for those teams that have been working together for extended period and have engaged in team building before. This day will not only be physical challenges, but will engage emotional challenges as well as we discuss ideas of transparent behavior.